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Content Management System

Easy to use!

A content management system (web CMS) allows the website owner/administrator to change the content of their website including page content, and product details. They can load images, video content, photos, files (eg pdfs) etc and be in control of keeping their website up to date.

A good CMS will also allow the generation of slidshows, loading of video content, newsletters, visitor statistics, changing of the CSS, blog creation etc

Access to the CMS software means the website administrator does not need to know how to program or understand software code - a CMS is just like using eg Microsoft Word but with the added functionality of features you need to maintain a website.

WebProjects works with many Content Management Systems including  Adobe Business Catalyst, WordPress, EDIY and Custom CMS packages- please contact us and we can give you a demo and show you just how easy it is to maintain and develop your own website content.

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