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How do I register my domain?

You need to have a unique domain name for your website. You can search for available names via any domain registration website. Choose a name that is related to your business - it might be the name of your business or be a name related to the products/services you offer. For NZ companies we recommend you grab the domain and optionally .com if it is available. There are lots of other suffixes eg .kiwi, .nz,, org,nz etc and the latest .nz domain names refer 

Make sure the domain name you choose is not too long, easily spelt and easily remembered. Then if people see it advertised somewhere or someone is told about your website they will remember it when they go to look it up.

Note that you can have multiple domain names pointing to one website.

There are many companies who provide domain registration services - we recommend    

WebProjects can help you with advice on registering your domain name(s). Please contact us and we can advise on the options available to you and why choosing some domain names are better than choosing others.

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