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Ecommerce - what features do you need?

Every company we work with to deliver their e-commerce website expects the website to be able to deliver certain features - we have 3 A4 pages of features!

We start by reviewing our client’s needs eg pricing, wholesale/retails, freight, payment options, wish lists, saved orders, presentation of products, stock levels, integration to accounting system, specials etc

When it comes to the design and presentation of the products on the website it is important to remember that the website is the store front and you are asking someone to buy something from a small image. The quality of images is very important and it is well worth investing in good quality product images.

Think about having multiple images for one product so people can get a good view of the product. If possible include a setting where it might be used eg a cushion on a chair, a wine glass on a table, a power tool being used etc. Think about a zoom feature so people can see the quality and detail of a product.

WebProjects has a fully featured e-commerce option - please contact us and we can discuss your needs and advise you on the best options available for a successful e-commerce website for your business.

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