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Website Projects

What's the process?

When we meet with new clients that want a new website we often find they want it very quickly.

They do not always have staff who can allocate time to load the content into the new website and get it live in a short timeframe.

Our quote normally covers the complete project. Usual steps are

  1. Meet with client in person over a coffee or via Skype/telephone to learn of their requirements and offer advice as to options available.

  2. Present a proposal together with some design concepts of how the home page could look

  3. Refine the design until the client is happy

  4. Build the framework of the site

  5. Client prepares all text content and images for the site and sends them to us by email/Dropbox.

  6. WebProjects loads all the content incuding products, freight, payment options etc

  7. WebProjects reviews and tests the site

  8. Client reviews all content

  9. Basic SEO implemented

  10. The new website goes live!

Assuming our client can give us the necessary content we can have a new site live in as little as 7-10 days. An ecommerce site may take a little longer depending on complexity.

WebProjects can deliver your complete website needs - please contact us and we will meet with you to discuss yoir requirements and get the process underway.

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